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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Request for on-line pre-engagement training to GDS selected in Cycle-I

Today ie 27.5.2020 at 5.30pm myself compelled to meet CPMG jointly with CS & CP AIPEU,Gr C, reg......
1) Against the most irregular, motivated & whimsical Orders dt 26.5.2020 of SSPOs North Kolkata Division for opening of all POs with self transportation violating Dte guide lines.
    Our Divisional level P3 & P4 and NFPE-P3 & P4 Unions jointly submitted protests letter yesterday to SSPOs also.CPMG Sir, patiently heard the matter and assured to look into the problems.
2) We requested CPMG Sir, for taking necessary steps towards the payment of DRM/Part- timers due amount pending since March 2020 throughout the Circle.  CPMG assured for taking necessary actions.
3) We requested to set-right the regular basis problems of Sify NSP1 & NSP2 for non- availability of links throughout the Circle. CPMG assured to look into the matters. The Meeting was very cordial and positive also.
      On behalf of FNPO affiliated Unions in WB Circle, myself pay our sincere thanks to him for  immediate issuance of Orders dt 26.5.2020 for Financial Assistance and  supply of other materials to the Amphan affected Staff & GDS response of our Amphan related request letter dt 24.5.2020
= K Chakraborty-CS

Friday, May 22, 2020

Secretary General's Report on Protest Day.

On22/05/2020 being the protest day against the anti labour policies of the government there is spontaneous response across the country. I am receiving many calls from various quarters of the country informing about the protest registered and the memorandum submitted. The reports inform that all the FNPO affiliated unions have registered protest and it's a resounding success. I have received total information from Andra, Bihar, Delhi, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and West Bengal Circle and about other circles immediately I get information I will post it. Colleagues this is the beginning. We have to further our fight in future days otherwise we lose whatever the rights gained by our seniors and veterans. On this day I express pound thanks for all the General Secretaries of affiliated unions of FNPO who organized the protest and made it successful. My thanks to Circle secretaries Divisional secretaries and to every FNPO member on this day. Thank you very much.
Secretary General

Report of "Observing Protest Day" on 22.05.2020

Dear colleagues,
As per call of our beloved FNPO to ensure solidarity as well as to strengthen the unity of labour classes of all the affiliated unions of west Bengal circle, observed a very large protest wearing black badge. Each & every division has submitted jointly memorandum a/to the Secretary, Department of Post,Sansad Bhawan, New Delhi--110001. We have shown our unity & fighting attitude to all over India at very crucial COVID--19 stages to our labour classes how to protect ourselves. Colleagues, recent past, the present Central Govt. taken the all steps against the labour classes, such as DA/DR freeze for 18th months, changing of labour laws, enhancement of duty hours from 8hours to12hours, privatizations in Govt. Deptt., opening CSC in post offices and in very recent future all acquired Rights may be taken away if we are not fighting unitedly. Coming days are very crucial for us. So, if we are fighting, you may get something. Lastly, I thanks to all FNPO members in WB circle for make it grand success.
Kaushik Chakraborty,
 Vice-president, FNPO.

Memorandum addressed to The Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi submitted by All FNPO Affiliated Union except NUPE P-4, West Bengal Circle on 22.05.2020.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Dear DS
Rajat S Das, Chief Advisor of NAPE Gr-C WB Circle, has taken up the matter for extending the date of submission of Authorisation From upto June 30th with the Secretary General FNPO and in turn the Secretary General sent a letter to the Secretary, Department of Post requesting to extend the date of submission of Authorisation form (New & Switch over).  

Submission of Authorisation forms

Dear Divisional Secretaries,

You are well aware that our Secretary General FNPO & General Secretary NAPE Gr-C already has taken up the matter to extend the date but today i.e. 23.04.2020 the Department has not issued any order to extend the date of submission the letter of authorisation form to be submitted during April for inclusion of new member/switch over etc as per on going process every year in regards to CCS(RSA) Rule 1993. So all are requested to keep the forms ready and submit the same to the DDO/Divisional Head as the case may be positively by 30th April 2020 if no order is received meanwhile.

Yours Sincerely,
Kaushik Chakraborty,CS Gr-C, & Ashok Kr Mitra CS NUDGS

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Cash Management System in Central Government - Modified cintrol Based Expenditure Management

Submission of Authorisation form

Dear Colleague
The Secretary General FNPO informed that just now DDG (establishment) Smt. Smirisharan Madam called him and informed that the orders are being issued that extending the date up to 30th June 2020 for submission of Authorisation for deduction of subscriptions in respect of new/ addition of members.
= K Chakraborty, CS

Verification of membership of Service Associations for recognition under CCS (RSA) Rules,l993 in Department of Posts- Calling of applications regarding